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About The Show & Anna Rova

This is the place where you get to know Everything You Need To Know About Men. Understand them better, take back control of your relationships, get to know yourself and attract the men you want in the process.

I had everything I ever wanted but something was missing. And so I left my boyfriend, changed my position at work and started travelling. And I had to start dating again.

Then I realized that I don’t know men. In fact, most women don’t know them. This led me to a sub-journey of discovery – men. We answer and uncover all the questions, mysteries and stereotypes about men here on the show.


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John | ManInside Show

John The Autoresponder Guy

“If you want the low down on sex, relationships, big boobs or why unicorns only like virgins, listen to ManInside Show. Anna is a great host, and you’ll learn a lot.”

Alla Berdnikova | Man Inside Show

Alla Berdnikova, Ukraine Growth & Marketing Specialist

“I’m struck by your professionalism and how well you do as a show host and producer. Absolutely love the ManInside Show and will recommend it to anyone who’s interested in learning and growing in relationships. Insightful, fun and practical.”

Olga Scacun-Simmons | Man Inside Show

Olga Scacun-Simmons, Moldova Operations Manager

“Cunning, witty and simply exhilarating! Not only will ManInside show entertain you and make you laugh, it will also provide you with an opportunity to question convictions about men, relationships and sex.”

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Be gentle to yourself and let him be gentle to you.

– Anna Rova

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