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This is the place where you get to know Everything You Need To Know About Men. Understand them better, take back control of your relationships, get to know yourself and attract the men you want in the process.

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An online marketer, lover of life and a yogi was happily involved in a long-term relationship living the dream life in a far away land of palm trees and nasi lemak, Malaysia.

I had everything I ever wanted (at least what young ambitious women want after college): a dream job, a great boyfriend, an adventurous lifestyle of travel, fancy coffee machines and successful poeple around. 

Something was missing…

And so the perfect life went on for 2 years. Until I realized that something was missing. Something deep inside. Something that was calling me. And so I left my boyfriend, changed my position at work and started travelling. And I had to start dating again. Then I realized that I don’t know men. In fact, most women don’t know them.

This led me to a sub-journey of discovery – men. Who are they? What do they want from life, women & relationships? What motivates and drives them forward? What is the fundamental difference between men & women and how do we communicate better with each other?

And so, I just started asking questions…

This is how the ManInside Show podcast came to life. As part of this new quest, I read definitive books about relationships, such as Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus and Внутри Мужчины. I listened to various audiobooks and podcasts, learned, listened and observed. 

A year of podcasting

The show has gained traction: we had listeners and followers, we had great feedback and we had a team. I realized that this can be so much bigger. So this became a project of building a place online where women can find everything they need to know about men.

I also realized I want to make this my lifestyle business so I packed my bag and embarked on a digital nomad journey where I travel the world and work online. I don’t have a permanent location or a base, I wander and discover new things and people every day and I love it.

Thank you for being here with me. I hope you’ll enjoy this journey as much as I am!

Welcome to The ManInside Club!



We will uncover men in various ways:

  • A podcast/show where you actually listen to real men sharing real stories about relationships and women
  • Blog posts where Anna Rova shares her learnings and realizations about men along the journey of life, men and (men)entrepreneurship
  • Blog posts from real men sharing stories of their relationships, frustrations and issues with women
  • A library of free and paid resources where you can take your learning about men further, depending on what exactly you want to tackle. We have the best selection of literature and programs about men and relationships.
  • An online shop where you can get a gift for him depending on the occasion and your relationship to him.
  • A tribe and a community of like minded brilliant women like you who share the same curiosity for the male species and who genuinely love men. We are not just a Facebook group, we are a secret club a.k.a the ManInside Club.

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