The ManInside Show is THE shit! Quirky, unpredictable, fun, but – above all – INSIGHTFUL. They key: Anna and her guests keep it real. They stay authentic. Anna has balls to challenge the gentlemen with difficult questions and “classic” female reactions. And the gentlemen have balls to open up and share their stories, feelings and thoughts on women, relationships and STUFF. Whether you’re single, taken or in a co-dependent relationship with your cat – just click the fuckin PLAY button. Kat Achtelik

One of the best shows around! Started by a fellow AUBG Alumni! Now looking forward to every Sunday for another great episode and know-how! Teodor Dimitrov

Thank you Anna for letting me be part of the ManInside Show, especially on this topic of long distance relationships. I have learned a lot from it and hopefully your show gets more traction. Ezekiel Vicente

Cunning, witty and simply exhilarating! Not only will ManInside show entertain you and make you laugh, it will also provide you with an opportunity to question convictions about men, relationships and sex. Anna leads discussions on the topics that not many women or men can speak without a mischievous smile. And she does that with a charming delicacy! ManInside show is a must for women and men alike. Kudos to Anna! Olga Scacun

The show is a hilarious blend between silliness and genuine insight in men’s minds. Women, if you think that men are all the same, you need this show in your life. Alexey Yanovski

Anna takes you out on a roller coaster ride to find out about yourself, tell it to the world, and laugh a little. Her approach to men is so non-chalant and relaxed, that you can’t help but to be honest about it. This is how we should talk about sexuality. Kudos, Anna!

The Artist

Usually, I listen to one podcast a day, but I really enjoy when I have enough time to consume two of them. You are the heart of everything in your own show and your unique guests are the endorphins that just blow my mind. No matter what, I want to listen more and I am really sure that you have the potential to be the next Oprah, or even better. Go further and keep going. 
Victor Timotin

ManInside Show is an amazing amazing project! I have listened to a couple of episodes already and I really like them! Especially the “No-Distance Man” episode. As someone who is in a long-distance relationship, it is very interesting to know how other people handle that successfully. Keep up really great work you are doing!!! And the website is amazing!!! It is obvious that it is well-thought and organised !!! And it is very user-friendly!!! And I am recommending my friends to listen to your podcasts because there is such important wisdom in them!!!! Assiya Issataeva

I am struck by your professionalism and how well you do as a show host and producer. Absolutely love the ManInside Show and will recommend it to anyone who’s interested in learning and growing in relationships. Insightful, fun and practical. Alla Berdnikova

Fresh, honest and revealing. Only if relationships were that fun. Alexander Acosta Osorio

Doing an episode with Anna was really fun and light. I didn’t need to prepare much, yet she guided me through the interview flawlessly. I’ve watch a few other shows and noticed it’s a natural talent for her. Keep up the good work and keep the topics juicy!

The Salesman

Anna is funny, accommodating, and not afraid to pull the punches in her interviews (in a metaphorical sense)! ManInside Show is a fascinating collection of interviews from men of all different walks of life, who will give you lots of different perspectives on women, men, romance, and relationships. Yongho Shin

It was an honour to be the very first guest on the ManInside Show. It was a lot of fun participating in something that will hopefully help women understand men better. Anna is a great hostess who speaks her mind very bluntly, which is exactly what is needed for a show like this. I look forward to a follow-up interview ? The Balance Seeker

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