MIS 30 – The Inventor

by | March 15


Name: Stephen

Age: 73

Occupation: Designer, educator, professional speaker

Nationality: A joyous member of humanity

Relationship status: In a partnership

Bucket list: Get a bigger bucket

Motto: Be bold in your life choices

Additional benefits: Good sense of humor – he makes them laugh, he is an excellent cook, kind, gentle, romantic, supportive, enthusiastic about her projects, encouraging

Biggest fear as a man: Careful about putting himself in a place physically dangerous


In this episode of the ManInside Show, Stephen shares his views on the following:

  • Most attractive in a woman: physical appearance.
  • The beginning of Never Leaving The Playground and Stephen’s story
  • The concept of Never Leaving The Playground
  • What shaped Stephen, The Inventor as a man throughout the years
  • How did the relationship dynamic change throughout the years
  • The Awkward Jar – The Inventor’s theory on why “Women have more taste buds on their tongue than men.”
  • Being bold – trying new things with caution
  • Most Embarrassing Moment – touching a woman without her consent
  • A message for all women from Stephen
  • Find more about Stephen and his blog at http://neverleavetheplayground.com/


“It turns out that it doesn’t make any difference how well you learn to do something new. It’s just the fact that you are trying to do it that changes the brain massively.”

“I am all about creating ‘cognitive reserve’ – surplus in people’s brains so they don’t develop Alzheimer’s, dementia, possible Parkinson’s disease.”

“My line for women is ‘I find you attractive. I would like to take you out for lunch to see what we have in common.’”

“I want people to die very very young at a very old age.”

“Foreplay begins when you wake up in the morning.”

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