MIS 33 – The Martian

by | April 5


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Name: John

Age: 63

Occupation: Best-selling relationship author, speaker & coach

Nationality:  American

Bucket list: Live healthy & happy at a 100 years

Motto: “Trust you always have what you need”

Additional benefits: His wife says he gives her the freedom to be herself

Biggest fear as a man: Not making enough money to support his wife and children


In this episode of the Maninside Show, John shares his views on the following:

  • Attractive in a woman: beauty that radiates joy, happiness & love
  • History of the Men Are From Mars, Women Are from Venus book – before the book
  • Key three phrases a woman should say to win over her man:
    • That makes sense!
    • You’re right!
    • What a good idea!
    • I never thought of that before!
  • Why men are becoming more like women and women becoming more like men
  • Biological differences between men and women and how they affect our communication
  • Masculine & feminine dynamics in a relationship
  • Relationships & millennials: “elationships”
  • Lauren Gray’s blog about relationships today
  • Concepts of “You”, “We” and “Me” time
  • The value of children and marriage in today’s world
  • Lack of focus in a digitised world contributes to reluctance to commitment in relationships
  • Addiction to drama
  • A message for all millennial women:
    • Educate yourself
    • Surround yourself with role models who have great relationships
    • Unplug for 2 days
  • The future of relationships as we move to a completely digital world – women will save us all
  • The Awkward Jar – “If humans were to populate back Mars & Venus  – infidelity would not exist on Mars while on Venus humans would need to change sexual partners every day.”
  • Most Embarrassing Moment – John’s wife “embarrassing” moment on stage
  • Find more about The Martian, Mars, Venus and relationships HERE
  • Click here to download Men Are from mars, Women Are From Venus audiobook


“True equality is to respect our differences…we want equality but we don’t want to sacrifice who we are. We want authenticity.”

“We all want to be loved. But you have to know what buttons to push to love.”

“Under stress women want to connect, men want to disconnect.”

“Don’t try to connect to him by asking what he’s thinking or feeling, wanting or wishing – let him know what you’re thinking or feeling, wanting or wishing.”

“Men do not bond by talking to women. They bond by hearing, seeing, feeling and connecting with them.”

“Stop asking questions from a place of insecurity.”

“Women have to give themselves permission to do things they love to do.”

“Passion comes from nurturing the masculine and feminine inside each one of us.”

“Finding happiness without a man is a great step to finding happiness with a man.”

“Technology will never just be technology. We will wake up and we will come back to a more natural living as a balance. And it’s the women that will lead us there.”

“As the women become more grounded, men who love those women will find the ground and find it within themselves as well.”

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