MIS 21 – The Modern Masculine Man

by | January 11


Name: Bryan

Age: 40

Occupation: Author, Blogger, Thriving Relationship Coach

Nationality: American

Relationship status: Single and Dating


  • See the northern lights
  • Make love to his woman on a train in Portugal
  • Lead workshop retreats in Bali and Costa Rica in the same year
  • Take his mom on a week-long travel adventure
  • Buy my sisters new cars
  • Experience rolfing
  • Receive $100,000 for one year of coaching

Motto: Earth is his playground!

Additional benefits: He doesn’t take himself so seriously (anymore). He is already happy and complete and doesn’t need his woman to be anything other than whatever she wants to be.

Biggest fear as a man: Not living his purpose


In this episode of the Maninside Show, Bryan shares his views on the following:

  • Most attractive in a woman: a woman who is most connected to her feminine depths
  • Bryan’s story: growing up with 2 mothers & 3 sisters, no proper male role model, his military experience & relationships with women
  • How does The Mature Masculine Man see femininity & women in their fullness
  • Why today we see men who do not know how to be mature masculine men
  • Lack of writes of passages from boyhood to manhood of modern men
  • Bryan’s personal journey to discovering his masculinity
  • What can women do today to contribute to having more mature modern masculine men
  • Do not tell your masculine partner what to do
  • The Awkward Jar – Bryan’s theory on why “The breasts of human women are much larger in proportion than those of other female mammals.”
  • Most embarrassing moment – Racking his girlfriend’s car (jumping on the roof of the car.)
  • Find more about Bryan & his work here


“I am most attractive to a woman who is most connected to her feminine depths.”

“A woman who is in her fullness is a flickering candle – a dance of this moment.”

“In the modern day we are not stewarding our boys into a thoughtful, intentional, conscious manhood.”

“Men think that women are intellectually defective versions of men and women think that men are emotionally defective versions of women.”

“Feminine energy is not a problem that has to be solved but rather embraced.”

“Women who hold men to a higher standard are women who have a lot self-love and self-respect and women who really cherish themselves.”

“We are all growing more functional thanks to each other’s dysfunctions.”

“Women cannot force men to grow up. They can hold the space of love & cherishing for themselves and invite men to meet them there.”

“Women often choose men who are not worthy of them and they want to make them better. That has nothing to do with your man – it has everything to do with how you view yourself.”

“So many of my fears have been eradicated when I stopped making women responsible for my happiness & self-worth.”  

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