MIS 20 – The Recovered Romantic

by | October 26



Name: Guillaume

Age: 37

Occupation: Advertising

Nationality: French

Relationship Status: Seeing someone

Relationships profile: 4 long-term relationships and a couple of shorter ones


  • Start a pro-social business
  • Publish a collection of poems
  • Publish a series of novels
  • Find a suitable life partner

Additional benefits: Pretty decent conversationalist (because he is a curious guy who’s a bit of a geek and a poet), pretty good listener and enjoys lifting people up rather than bringing them down.


  • Never Assume
  • At best we are not prepared
  • How beautiful the unknown must be – Une certaine idée de moi m’aime

Biggest fear as a Man: To be an asshole and not know it


In this episode you’ll hear Guillaume’s thoughts on the following:

  • What he finds attractive in a woman – High IQ, soft gentle eyes
  • Poetry – how & why did he start & continue
  • His “Recovered Romantic” story – from unconditional love to loving himself
  • How peace of mind became more important than love
  • What is the role that love plays in his life
  • Where do we get our ideas & models of love
  • How most people do not have enough love for themselves and how that influences their love life
  • What is self-love? It doesn’t have to be a romance with yourself
  • Confusing love with obsession
  • The unromantic theories of love – The Triangular Theory of Love & The Commitment Equation
  • What is love according to The Recovered Romantic
  • The importance of having a dialogue with your heart to understand what you want & need
  • The experience of dating a celebrity & being in a dysfunctional relationship
  • The Awkward JarGuillaume’s theory on why “Men don’t feel the urge to get married as quickly as women do because their clothes all button and zip in the front.”
  • Most embarrassing moment – When a woman says NO and actually means YES


“It’s my job [as a man] to convince you to do what I want you to do, which you also want to do but you might not give yourself permission to do.”

“What I find attractive in a woman are soft gentle her eyes – someone who makes everybody feel like somebody.”

“After a while I realised that piece of mind was more important to me than love.”

“Am I depressed because I’m in love or am I in love because I’m depressed?”

“I am not interested in beautiful women with big egos. Might as well not go for the bitches.”

“Self love is being able to put yourself first without being selfish.”

“Self-love starts when you realise that actually you matter enough to have your own needs & desires and you don’t need someone else to validate or invalidate that.”

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